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When you Have to Go

Adult bowel incontinence is a problem that causes sufferers to battle with self-esteem issues and can cause a lot of embarrassment. Choosing the right product to combat the problem is one way of regaining a little dignity and confidence.

What do you Need?

Bowel incontinence products need to be of adequate absorbency and instil a sense of confidence in the user. It is important to choose a good product that meets these needs perfectly. It may be necessary to try different brands to find the best product.

The Choices Available

There are many options from which to choose. You will have to consider various uses – you will need a different product with different absorbencies for night-time use than you would for during the day. You will also have to choose between products that fit into regular underwear and products that take the place of regular underwear.

To be Used with Regular Underwear

If you are not looking for an adult nappy, a belted undergarment is an option. The absorbent pad is fastened to a belt and held in place by straps.

You could also look for incontinence pads that are attached to your underwear with an adhesive backing. There is no need for straps or bulky adult nappies.

To Replace Underwear

There is a wide range of options in this category but your main decision will revolve around whether or not to use a disposable option or to get a reusable option. In each case, read the product labels to ensure that they will handle the level of bowel incontinence that affects you – absorbencies range from light to heavy.

You can also choose to augment your incontinence undergarments with liners or pads to increase their effectiveness. Just be careful when using these as this generally decreases the flow of air to the skin and can result in chafing, rashes and an increased risk of odour. It is better to use one product with better absorbency and to change it more often than to double-up.

If you want to increase your confidence levels, you will need to find the right product to deal with your particular situation. Once you do this, you will never need to worry about being embarrassed or dealing with leaks again.

This often means looking for products that are of a better quality. At the end of the day, these may work out a little more expensive but considering that you will be able to once again live your life as normal, the small added expense will be well worth it. 


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