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When to Raise the Issue of Incontinence

It is often the unfortunate task of those looking after the elderly to have to raise the issue of incontinence products. It is, however, an important issue. There is such a wide variety on the market today that there is a solution out there for everyone. Knowing when and how to raise this issue is an important way to get your message across.

When Should you Raise the Issue?

So when is it time for incontinence underwear? You need to raise the issue when it becomes apparent that this is a chronic issue. You will start to see signs of people bed-wetting or wetting themselves during the day. Should these incidents become frequent, incontinence underwear will help restore their dignity and confidence.

Raising the issue is likely to be awkward for both of you and therefore, it should be tackled in a sensitive manner. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you like someone to approach you about such a delicate issue?

Most people would be too embarrassed to speak about this delicate problem and they certainly don’t want to discuss it with their nearest and dearest. By approaching the issue sensitively, and possibly offering to buy the products for them, you will be able to make it through.

Alternatively, you could enlist the help of their doctor to broach the topic. People will often rather get such advice from an objective outsider and a doctor is more qualified to deal with questions relating to management and treatment of the condition.

They would receive advice on dietary and lifestyle changes to let them live life to the full. Incontinence can be caused by a number of issues but the number one cause is stress. If stress is a factor, the doctor will look at different treatment options and advise accordingly.

Choosing the Right Product

Of course, the real secret to success is to help your loved one choose the right product for their needs. There are various styles and products for different ailments – right from the basic incontinence pads to the full briefs. Choosing the correct absorbency and the right fit will restore your loved one’s confidence and let them see the value of using incontinence products.

The doctor would further be able to offer advice regarding the right type of product for your loved one. Alternatively, you could look online for a breakdown of the different products out there and their benefits.

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