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Maintain Your Independence with Elevated Toilet Seats

As we get older and our mobility decreases we still like to be able to do as much for ourselves as is possible. Things like toileting and showering that can be uncomfortable, especially when you have someone else having to help you. Bath and toileting aids are available though to help you maintain your independence for as long as possible. With the amount of technology around now, there are various products on the market that give you the means to be as independent as possible for as long as possible with products such as elevated toilet seats, which allow for easy access on and off the toilet.

There are so many great products on the market such as adult diapers that can help to keep you dry, if you have incontinence problems or have mobility problems for various reasons then these adult diapers are great for preventing accidental leakage until you are able to make it to the bathroom.

If you are having a hip operation or have had one, you need special equipment to help with toileting. With a hip operation the specialists recommend a certain height above a normal toilet seat. When recovering from a hip replacement the recommended height is 17-19 inches in height on the toilet. It is so you don’t have to bend at more then a 90 degree angle to use the toilet after hip surgery. Elevated toilet seats give you this height and make it more comfortable and a lot easier for you to get up and down on the toilet without putting a strain on your hip.

There are a few different styles and heights for you to choose from, so it depends on your needs as to which one that you choose. The elevated toilet seats start from 4” seats and you can get them with arms to make it easier to get up off the toilet. You can get this through raised seats on a frame that sit above the toilet or a frame that sits on the toilet itself.

There are many toileting aids that can help you and make life easier. You can still maintain your dignity and independence with the help of aids such as elevated toilet seats and incontinence aids. With all the products on the market you can’t go wrong. You can still live life independently and look after yourself.

So if you have problems with mobility, if would pay to look into all the aids available to help you to maintain your independence and dignity.

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