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Practical Equipment to Increase Mobility and Promote Independence

One of the drivers of human development is the need to be able to perform tasks independent of anyone else. This becomes very evident when observing a group of pre-schoolers of varying ages. Babies who can sit up in a high chair and hold a spoon will try repeatedly to feed themselves, depositing food over their faces, in their hair and all over the chair tray. Slightly older toddlers spend hours in play, resisting any attempt by an adult to show them how something is done because they want to do it themselves.

Holding on to Independence

These are the first steps on the road to independence, and once we have it as older children and later into adulthood, we don’t want to lose it. For some of us unfortunately, illness or accident can severely limit our degree of independence during our youth. For most of us, this does not happen until we are quite elderly, and even though we know it is part of ageing, we still resist it.

If we haven’t made any psychological adjustments towards acceptance, the loss of mobility and independence can be a very bitter pill to swallow. Having to hand in your driver licence after a lifetime of freedom on the roads, for example, can diminish the self confidence of otherwise healthy seniors almost overnight. Anger, anxiety and depression can quickly follow.

From the Simple to the Sophisticated—Helpful Gadgets

Thankfully, we are able to assist with helpful mobility aids that restore confidence and place the ability to make their own decisions back in the hands of anyone who needs just a little help to do everyday things. From something as simple as a reacher that assists in getting to hard to reach items to the latest in mobility scooters, BM Healthcare has a range of equipment designed to assist people to remain independent as long as possible.

We have mobility products to suit almost every phase of daily activity. Simple kitchen products like jar openers, kettle pourers, bendable cutlery and plastic plate guards allow people to prepare their own meals and feed themselves without assistance. In the bathroom are shower stools and bath seats for safety, and ingenious gadgets like the toe washer and foot brush or the tube squeezer to make life easier.

Full Range of Mobility Equipment for Every Application

Walking aids such as rollators, walking frames, crutches and walking canes are designed to keep people moving around so they can still shop, socialise and get out and about without a lot of assistance. From the simple to the complex, we have mobility equipment to suit every application. It’s amazing how quickly people regain their usual social outlook when they have some tools to help them keep their sense of independence.



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