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The Most Effective Washable Incontinence Products

There are millions of people who experience bladder incontinence because of old age or an illness. Absorbent underwear or diapers, chair pads and bed pads are some of the products used to effectively manage incontinence. There are disposable and washable incontinence products.

As the name implies, washable incontinence products can be washed and reused. Like disposables, they prevent moisture from coming into contact with the body, thus aiding in minimising chaffing and burning of the surrounding skin.

Benefits of Using Washable Incontinence Products

Washables offer many benefits over disposable incontinence products in terms of cost, convenience, comfort and sustainability. You can save money by using washables because you can wash them and reuse them over and over again. Today’s washables are designed to withstand frequent washing without degrading the materials they are made of.

Using washable incontinence products save time and the effort of needing to regularly buy disposables. Washables are particularly ideal for people who are leading busy lives. In addition, many people are uncomfortable buying incontinence products. Thus, using washables saves them from being seen buying incontinence products.

Washable incontinence products are more comfortable and feel more like regular underwear. Washables keep their shape and softness even after repeated washings. In comparison, plastic-backed disposable products are stiff and unpleasant to wear for long periods.

People who are environmentally aware may prefer washable products that can be reused over disposable products that must be thrown away after one use. Disposables are made of plastic materials that do not decompose in landfills, which cause serious threats to the environment.

Where to Shop for Washables

Medical supply stores offer a wide variety of washable products. However, a more discreet way of buying continence products is online. BM Healthcare is an online seller and supplier of the SAHARA brand of washable continence care products. The company offers absorbent bed pads, the confidence building incontinence pads for chairs, as well as washable absorbent underwear for adults and children.

The range of adult and children’s underwear is available in various styles and colours and includes a new product, the children’s trainer pant. The Bed and Chair Protection line comprises SAHARA community bed pads, SAHARA premium bed pads, SAHARA armchair pads and SAHARA wheelchair pads. The range of waterproof covers includes mattress protector heavy duty boxed ends, mattress protector heavy duty fully enclosed, mattress protector lightweight elastic loop, SAHARA waterproof bed protection, and Smart barrier mattress covers.

BM Healthcare online superstore offers a way for customers to buy their incontinence and mobility supplies from the privacy and comfort of their homes. The store offers secure online payment options and delivers your purchases in discreet packaging. For more details about washable incontinence products, go to http://www.bmhealthcare.com.au/.



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