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Keeping Your Loved One Comfortable

Whether the person confined to a wheelchair is elderly or not, the situation can be very upsetting for all involved, particularly if this is a long term or permanent situation. If you have a loved one who has to be in a wheelchair, you are no doubt doing everything you can to emotionally support them.

You may feel at a loss yourself at times and seek other ways to improve their wellbeing as well as their comfort. Another way you can do this is to ensure they are given a choice from the best wheelchairs for mobility available.

At BM Healthcare we specialise in wheelchairs and other related products. We understand that comfort is of utmost importance in these times and would like to share some tips to achieve this.


Unless the patient in mind is constantly being wheeled about by a caregiver, there is some physical activity involved with being in a wheelchair. For this reason, comfortable clothing is a must.

Any items of clothing that may rub during friction can create a greater risk of pressure ulcers from rubbing against sensitive skin. For the elderly, clothing with zippers can be hard to handle.

Help your loved one choose clothing that just pulls on rather than items that have closures. Instead of coats, ponchos are great for cooler weather for instance.

Extra support

We know we become stiff and sore ourselves from sitting long periods of time. Imagine then being confined to a wheelchair. Along with choosing the right wheelchair for size, there are also some great products to improve comfort and avoid pressure ulcers.

Items such as rings and back supports can offer greater physical comfort whilst items like cup holders, cane holders and bags for wheelchairs make for easier carrying and use.

Being able to store items such as magazines, canes or cups on the wheelchair allows the person confined here to feel more independent as they can store and access these things themselves.

Incontinence pads can also make great additions where needed as these provide protection for the wheelchair and the delicate skin of the user.

If you are offering support to someone close who needs the use of a wheelchair, why not let us help you. Along with wheelchairs, we also stock incontinence aids, bathroom aids, personal hygiene products and more.

Visit us online at http://www.bmhealthcare.com.au/catalog/Wheelchairs-59-1.html today to view our wheelchairs and related products.



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