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How to Conceal Adult Nappies From Prying Eyes

There are many distressing medical conditions afflicting the human race that seem to reduce our dignity a little at a time. Some of them are temporary, and once recovered, the person involved can go back to living a normal life. There are also some that are permanent and it becomes a case of learning to live with the condition.

As adults, we have an absolute horror of losing control of our bodily functions in public. This probably starts very early in childhood and nobody ever wants to admit that they were one of the little kids who wet their pants on the first day of school. Sadly, there are times in our adult lives when we have to face this as a daily reality and start dealing with it like an adult should.

Wearers of Bulky Adult Nappies Self Conscious

The other issue incontinent adults had in the past, was that adult nappies were very bulky and difficult to hide. This is why we are so excited about our range. Our goal at BM Health Care is to bring to our customers the most up-to-date incontinence products and we can now offer a range that looks good, works very well and is totally discreet.

We have a number of different styles for both males and females offering different grades of absorbency. While the bulky feel and appearance is gone we do understand that people may still be self conscious about wearing them, so we offer a couple of suggestions about concealing adult nappies.

Suggestions for Concealment

Loose, comfortable clothing is an easy way to hide incontinence products and it is also very practical for our sub-tropical climate. If you have always worn tight fitting clothes this is an excellent way of explaining a change of fashion styles to your friends and family. Just tell them it’s too hot for tight clothes and no-one will notice.

You may be concerned that the waistband of the nappies will be exposed when you bend over or stretch. This is easily fixed by wearing a longer shirt or tucking it into your skirt, pants or jeans and securing it with a belt.

Be Prepared for Anything

Sometimes the flow can be unexpectedly large and often this stops people from continuing on with their lives outside of the home. Be prepared at all times by carrying a spare neatly folded into a small parcel. This should fit into a trouser pocket or handbag and be discreet enough to change in a toilet stall without anyone else being aware of the situation.

Try out a few scenarios before leaving home, become adept at dealing with the issue, and keep enjoying life.


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