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Growing Old with Dignity

Not all elderly people have to spend their sunset days in a retirement home’s frail care facility. In fact, many ninety-year-olds are known to still live with their families and sometimes on their own, without any problems.

However, not too many people enjoy such perfect health when they age. As time goes on, ailments relating to the joints, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other related degenerative ailments tend to make their mark on the elderly. Even people who are much younger are known to be victims of joint diseases, but it is mainly older people who find that mobility aids, such a wheelchairs, are a great blessing.

In spite of wheelchairs being an enormous advantage, some people with very severe joint pain find it difficult to manoeuvre them. This is where a mobility scooter could solve the problem. These scooters remove the hassle of getting around the home and for travelling outdoors. Their speed is between five and ten kilometres per hour, depending on the weight of the user. They are usually designed to support up to 125 kilograms.

When senior citizens are asked what they value most next to their families, their responses generally relate to their being independent. The ability to move around without help from other people is definitely an important factor. At the same time, the elderly prefer to do as much as possible without assistance. For instance, they would rather pick up something for themselves. Bending down can be a problem, however. The solution is to use a ‘reacher’. This instrument eases the pain of stretching and bending. Some reachers also have a magnet attached to a lever that picks up metal items from the ground.

Yet another issue where mobility is concerned is the question of hygiene. This can be a sensitive concern for seniors who now have to rely on others for their personal bathroom comforts. To ease these anxieties, there are several aids that help to support the needs of those who find it difficult to bathe themselves. For instance, shower stools are ideal for those who prefer showering. They generally have adjustable legs and foam rubber grips that take the stress out of hygiene issues. The seats, which can also have a back rest attached, fit into any conventional shower or bathtub.

There are several other hygiene-related items and mobility aids for elderly people. These are important to their dignity and self-esteem. Next time a senior family member celebrates a birthday, check whether the gift of a mobility aid would be a much appreciated alternative to traditional gifts.

You will be thanked for your caring thoughts.


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