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Daily Living Aids for People with Arthritis

Arthritis can be a debilitating health problem. If you are one who is suffering from arthritis, then you face issues of mobility that diminish your quality of life. Dealing with arthritis is not simple at all. While you are working to have it treated, you also have to contend with pains in the joints that are hampering your movements. To properly treat arthritis, you will need adequate rest, heat therapy, medical prescriptions and physical therapy. This makes mobility an integral part of the treatment.

Even though arthritis is debilitating, it should not stop you from enjoying everyday life and fun activities. Shooting pains can occur in the wrist, shoulders, knees, fingers and toes, thereby limiting mobility. Such limitations in movements can be frustrating and discouraging and can block your ability to enjoy life. At BM Healthcare, we provide vital daily living aids to help you deal with arthritis. We specialise in incontinence products and mobility equipment produced by trusted healthcare equipment manufacturers such as INVACARE and MLE. Here are just some of the helpful items that you can use when dealing with arthritis and the pains associated with the ailment.

Hot/Cold Pads

Hot pads are excellent for relieving pain in the muscles. You can use these to gain relief from arthritis pain. Heated pads are good to use as there is no more need to add water to be effective. Simply heat the pad in a microwave oven. Our hot/cold packs can also be used as cold packs for minor injuries.

Dressing Equipment

We offer various types of mobility equipment that you can use to make moving about easier and painless. You can choose the equipment suitable to your particular needs and requirements. We also have self-help tools that can help you get dressed on your own. If you are suffering from wrist pains, you can use the dressing stick, button hook and zipper aid and shoe horn to assist in putting on shoes.

Mobility Tools

Your mobility can also be improved with a handybar, which can help when exiting a vehicle. Our lightweight reacher can help you pick up items without having to bend or stretch. This stick is equipped with a magnet to easily pick up metallic objects.

BM Healthcare also offers anything from walking frames, canes and walking accessories to make standing up and sitting down more bearable for the arthritis sufferer. You can use the walking aids to make walking and moving about easier. Mobility will help you fight arthritis along with the right prescription medicine and physical therapy.


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