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What are Personal Cleansing Products

Personal cleansing products are formulated to kill or arrest the spread of bacteria on the hands or body. Depending on their active ingredients and specific formulation, personal cleansing products fight bacteria that can cause skin infections, food poisoning, body odour, intestinal diseases and other common communicable illnesses. Personal cleansing products can include wipes, washes/creams, waterless bathing products and protection products.


Wipes, or sanitary wipes, are single-use wet wipes with an antibacterial solution that can kill most bacteria on contact. Some wipes are used to sanitise surfaces such as countertops, while others are designed to be wiped on the hand or body for a quick cleanup when water is unavailable.


Products under this category may include wash cream, skin lotion and barrier cream.

Skin lotion is a mild moisturising lotion formulated to restore damaged skin. Lotion with natural moisturisers is essential to keep the skin integrity of elderly, incontinent people. The skin of these individuals heals slowly and is easily damaged by pressure and rubbing. The skin may also become sensitive due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Consistent skincare is important to prevent skin from becoming irritated, itchy or infected.

Barrier Creams are topical ointments designed to block the skin against contaminants that may irritate or infect the skin. It is a protective cream used on the skin at high risk to external irritants.

Wash cream is designed to cleanse, restore and protect the skin. It can be used in place of soap and water and other typical skin conditioning products. Wash cream is perfect for individuals with little mobility.

Waterless Bathing

Waterless bathing products are normally bed bath wipes designed to replace traditional bathing. The soft disposable washcloth is ideal for elderly patients. It has an antibacterial formula to help kill germs and get rid of body odours.

Protection Products

Protection products include latex examination gloves, or medical gloves. These are disposable gloves used during medical examinations and procedures to help avoid contamination between the carer and patient. The gloves are usually made of various polymers such as latex, rubber, vinyl and neoprene.

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