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Hitting The Road - Despite Incontinence

Going on holiday is supposed to be a worry-free, relaxing and fun experience. However, when you are dealing with incontinence, it can be needlessly stressful. Fortunately, there are many excellent strategies for Australians to use that can help them enjoy their vacation to the maximum possible degree. With state of the art incontinence products and finely designed mobility equipment, is easier and less stressful than ever before. Don't let incontinence get in the way of your fun; read below to learn more about strategies for travelling with the condition.

Be Prepared When Travelling

If you are travelling to your destination by plane, choose an aisle seat for easier access to the restroom. Make sure to scout out precisely where it is in the airplane upon taking your seat. During the flight, you will easily be able to get up and make your way to it whenever necessary. Also, knowing exactly where it is can lessen your stress and allow you to relax and enjoy your flight.

When travelling by car, make sure to inform the driver of any bathroom requests as soon as you sense that you will need one. Giving the driver an early warning can help prevent accidents. However, on exceptionally long car trips, incontinence products like high absorbency pads can allow you to make it longer between restroom breaks. This can reduce the awkward feeling of constantly requesting stops during the trip.

A few common sense factors can help a lot regardless of mode of transport. Before leaving, make sure you pay a visit to the restroom. During the journey, avoid drinking unless absolutely necessary. Try chewing a stick of gum or sucking on a hard candy to keep your self occupied. Keeping your bladder as empty as possible can have a very positive impact on incontinence while travelling.

Scout Out Your Destination

No matter where you are staying on your holiday, one of the first things you should do is determine where the restrooms are located. If you are going to be at a resort and will be spending a lot of time poolside, look around and determine where the nearest restroom is - and whether it is handicap accessible or friendly. When combined with high quality incontinence products and mobility equipment, having this kind of knowledge ahead of time can allow you to truly relax during your vacation.

Keep in mind that accidents do happen - even on vacation. The important thing is not allowing them to ruin your fun. By using the right products, you can keep your confidence level up and not worry so much about accidents. Remember: being on holiday means leaving your worries behind.

Make that your mantra, and your trip will go as smoothly as possible!

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