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Staying Hydrated is Essential to Good Health

Dehydration can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes it can happen through an illness. It is more common in children than adults, as it is difficult to encourage a child to drink when they do not feel well. It is a little easier nowadays with the Electrolyte Ice Blocks as most children will choose them over a drink. Athletes know the importance of keeping hydrated, and not over exercising, as it can lead to severe cramping. Sports drinks are a common sight in the supermarket and a sign that more people are aware of their health benefits, especially during our hot steamy summer season. We are sometimes at fault ourselves through not drinking enough water throughout the day, choosing instead, tea or coffee, or soft drinks. Caffeine based drinks only exacerbate the problem by acting as a diuretic.

One section of the community that runs a higher risk of dehydration are those who suffer from bladder incontinence. This is an embarrassing condition to those whose daily lives are affected by it. Men and women can both suffer from it, but is more common in women whose muscles have been affected by childbearing years. They worry that if they drink to keep hydrated, then they will be needing to use the toilet more often, which could be an issue when out shopping or trying to enjoy other activities. Happily though, this need not be the problem they see it to be, as there are several solutions on the market. Confidence loss can be restored by the use of adult diapers in the more severe cases. There are other lighter options for those who are affected as badly. However sufferers are affected, there are solutions available and no reason not to keep well hydrated. Neglecting your hydration can bring on bigger problems such as affecting our kidneys.

Dehydration shows not only in our general health, but affects our skin too. Dry, lined skin on a younger person is a sign that they need to hydrate their body. They need to choose water or electrolyte drinks over sodas, tea or coffee. Making sure that we regularly hydrate our bodies will ensure better health. If however, through one reason or another, we are affected by bladder problems we can be sure of staying confident with incontinence aids. With so many brands on the market, and the various types for each individual problem, there is no need to feel worried or embarrassed. Incontinence management is assured.

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