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How to Avoid Low Self Esteem when Incontinence Strikes

Self esteem is an important part of our mental and emotional well being. So what do you do when something comes along to erode your self esteem? Firstly, do not let despair eat at you, that is the quickest way for self esteem to become low. There is always a way to solve problems, especially physical problems such as incontinence, which can quickly erode you self esteem and confidence. Incontinence is a physical problem caused by weakened pelvic muscles, but there are things you can do to strengthen those muscles and lower the risk of accidental leakage. Accidental leakage through not being able to control your bladder can be quite embarrassing, but it does not have to be.

You can still have a full and active lifestyle. There are aids available to help you do that while you are working on strengthening your pelvic muscles. Aids such as adult diapers used to be bulky and uncomfortable. These days they are so comfortable, you wouldn’t even know you were wearing them. Nor would anyone else, as they are no longer bulky.

Being able to go out shopping, meet friends for coffee, go to the movies, go clubbing or even out to dinner, being able to still socialize is all part of keeping up a healthy level of self esteem and confidence. Incontinence does not mean you have to stop living life to the full in case of accidental leakage. With all the aids available, you can still live life and do all the things you would normally doing. Don’t stop living when there is no need to stop enjoying life and all the things you like doing. Life is full of endless possibilities and they all need to be explored.

There is a large range of incontinence products that you can choose from disposable or washable pants, bed and chair pads, as well as nappy products for children. Incontinence affects a large amount of people, so you are not alone. With all the incontinence aids available, you can still live a normal life without slowing down. If you suffer from incontinence, go and see you doctor to discuss options with them about how to stop the incontinence. There are a couple of different ways to do this without dehydrating yourself or hiding away at home.

Life is good and it can be enjoyed with the help of incontinence aids. Continuing to enjoy a full and happy, normal life is possible without allowing health problems such as incontinence to cause us to slow down.

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