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Road Safety for Mobility Aids

Road safety is important to everyone and the laws governing road safety are there to protect everyone. With the growing amount of everyday traffic, it is important to always be aware of what other traffic around you is doing and to adjust appropriately to avoid accidents. Road rules don’t just apply to cars, buses and bikes, they also apply to those who use mobility scooters as well. There are new road rules for mobility scooters and it is important for your safety to familiarise yourself with them. Following these road rules will help to keep yourself and others safe from accidents.

If you have problems with mobility and need mobility aids to help you get around such as a mobility scooter or a wheelchair then these new changes in the laws apply to you. In order for you to be able to use your scooter on the road, you need to have a certificate from your doctor stating that you have a severe movement impairment and the wording of this is particularly important. This certificate is an important part of the paperwork that allows you to be able to register your scooter for free.

The following is a list of changes that applies to everyone who owns and rides a mobility scooter:

Scooters are restricted to the footpath unless the terrain is unsuitable for riding on, i.e vehicles blocking the pathway or vegetation such as trees and bushes making access difficult or impassable. In this instance you may drive on the road, but must remain as close as possible to the side of the road. In among the recent changes, mobility scooters can now use the left or right side of the road, facing into or away from the main flow of traffic.

When crossing the road, these scooters must take the most direct route possible. When travelling on the footpath, you must always give way to other pedestrians that are travelling on the footpath as well. Due care and attention must be taken at all times.

When using a scooter for mobility or otherwise, you should always take care to exercise caution and good judgement. Following the road rules for mobility scooters is a good choice and shows consideration for others using the footpath or the road and will also help to keep you safe and whole.

To be able to travel safe, you should check the local transport departments website and read up on any other changes that have been made to the rules governing mobility scooters.

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