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How To Work While Managing Incontinence

Managing Incontinence In The Workplace

Although incontinence is often depicted as happening only to elderly retirees, it can strike early enough in life to cause problems at the workplace. Dealing with this issue while trying to maintain a professional career can be incredibly difficult; people at workplaces throughout Australia find themselves dealing with these circumstances and wondering how to proceed. Fortunately, incontinence products and seeking the care and understanding of others in the workplace can go a very long way toward making this issue a manageable one.

Confide In Someone At Work

Deciding whether or not to tell anyone at work about your incontinence can be difficult. Sometimes, certain aspects of a person's job exacerbate their condition - for instance, having to lift heavy objects frequently. At other times, frequent bathroom breaks may cause co-workers to think that you are trying to get out of your daily duties. In either situation - and in many others - confiding in a manager or someone else who can assist you is usually the best course of action. Although it may be embarrassing, employers who are presented with this information are sympathetic and can make work more tolerable for people with incontinence - just as they must make accommodations for people using mobility equipment.

Talk To The Human Resources Department

If you don't have a supervisor or a manager who you feel comfortable confiding in - but your company does have a human resources department - then you should make a beeline for them. Human resources departments exist precisely for issues like these, and are there to make the workplace more agreeable and productive. By letting them know about your incontinence, they can help you devise strategies for making your time there more productive. Also, if your manager or co-workers have begun to question your frequent bathroom breaks, the human resources department can dispel any rumours or other trouble.

Work With A Physician

In addition to asking for help from people at your workplace, you should consult with your physician about different strategies and methods for dealing with incontinence. By managing the symptoms, you can help lessen their impact on your work and productivity. No one wants to fall behind on their daily work obligations, and incontinence should not make that happen, either. By taking a proactive approach to the issue, you can minimise its effects through effective incontinence products and other solutions, to go on about your daily business as a productive and valuable employee.

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