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Treating Incontinence in the Elderly

Incontinence is an all-too-common issue for the elderly. The people who are charged with caring for them must learn how to manage the problem as much as possible. If you are charged with caring for an elderly person who has incontinence, one of your top priorities should be treating the condition. The specific strategies that you use will largely depend on the severity of the condition; however, the following tips will help.

Keeping Them Comfortable

If the person who you are caring for has chronic incontinence, your goal should be managing the condition as much as possible. To that end, keeping them comfortable - and their living environment clean - is essential. There are many great incontinence aids out there that will help you handle the situation more easily. A few of the essentials include:

Adult Diapers - Without a doubt, adult diapers are the best investment that an incontinent person can make. However, what works for one person may not work for another. Help the person who you are caring for to find the right fit by buying a wide variety of styles and designs. Ideally, the adult diapers should be comfortable and effective - in other words, they should draw moisture away from the body while preventing leaks.

Absorbent Pads - For the most part, adult diapers should be more than sufficient. Still, it never hurts to be extra careful. Most people have a favourite sofa or chair; line those places with absorbent pads so that the underlying upholstery doesn't become soiled. That way, your patient's living area will stay clean and odour-free.

Waterproof Bedding - Night-time poses special issues for incontinent patients. Be sure to invest in quality, overnight adult diapers. Additionally, you should outfit the bed with topnotch waterproof bedding. A mattress will be rendered unusable when it is soiled upon time and time again. Waterproof bedding shields the underlying mattress, keeping it safe and clean.

A Focus on Hygiene

In addition to arming your patient with the most useful kinds of incontinent aids, you should put a special emphasis on personal hygiene. As a caregiver, part of your duties includes keeping your patient clean and comfortable. Therefore, you should always take care of accidents and other mishaps right away. Be sure to get the patient clean and dry first, then focus on cleaning any areas that have been affected. Keep moist towelettes handy for small accidents, and be sure to throw soiled bedding, clothing and other items in the wash immediately. For best results, you should soak such items for a while prior to running through the washing machine. Finally, be sure to dispose of adult diapers and pads hygienically and promptly.

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