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Mobility Equipment for everyday uses

Disabilities are an unfortunate result that can take control of your life. An unexpected accident or a sudden illness may leave you temporarily or permanently disabled or you may move into old age gracefully but lose mobility and coordination over time. Either way, the effect can be the same. Life becomes a lot more difficult when even the simplest motions or motor skills are no longer functioning in the healthy way they should.

Mobility equipment is one way of compensating for a disability. Numerous products are readily available to assist disabled people in being independent and making life a little easier. Mobility equipment is available to help you pick things up, move from place to place, or simply enjoy a shower or a bath.

A general knowledge of mobility equipment can be helpful should you or a loved one someday be in the position of needing it.

Different Types and Styles of Mobility Equipment

Wheelchairs are perhaps the best-known mobility equipment and generally come to mind when the subject comes up. Many disabilities preclude walking and taking care of your family or going to work is still a necessity. For those who can move themselves while sitting, handicapped accessible facilities have opened up a lot of the world formerly closed to those who can no longer walk.

Reachers, or pick-ups, are extremely useful. These little devices extend your reach far beyond the length of your arm and can pick up slippers from the floor or an apple from the table. The handgrip is squeezed to close the prongs on the far end to grasp what you’re after.

Walking canes are a mainstay for those with balance problems or weakness in one or both legs. Having a firm connection with the ground and using it to lean on can be a tremendous blessing. Some walking canes are collapsible, making them even more attractive for those with limited storage or travelling room.

Many people get along just fine with a four-wheeled rollator, more commonly referred to as a wheeled walker. The stability and balance that a rollator offers puts many disabled people out on the public street, in grocery stores, or doing any of a hundred other things that just a helping hand would enable them to do.

Four-wheeled scooters are designed for those who cannot walk. A trip to the store isn’t out of the question and a stroll in the park is a real option with a self-propelled scooter. Curbs and other obstructions aside, mobility equipment that moves on its own power can take you just about anyplace.

Peace of Mind When taking a Shower

A shower chair allows you to take a shower without the fear of slipping once you’re seated. You forget just how good a shower feels until it’s no longer an option. A bath board accomplishes the same purpose and makes getting cleaned up a joy.

For those with gripping difficulties, a rubber jar opener and silverware with oversized handles are just what the doctor ordered. Many disabilities result in the loss of extremity strength and coordination and sometimes a little added help is all that’s needed.


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