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The New CAPS Scheme

If you suffer from severe or permanent incontinence, then you may already be taking advantage of the Continent Aids Assistance Scheme, or CAAS, which is offered by the Australian government. Effective on 1 July 2010, that program will be changing; its new name will be the Continence Aids Payment Scheme, or CAPS. Find out how this will affect you - and what you can expect from the new program - by reading on below.

The Basics

Under the new scheme, people who suffer from incontinence will be able to purchase their incontinence products from the supplier of their choice. This is facilitated by the fact that funds will be directly deposited into their bank accounts. The maximum amount is set at $489.95, which should go a very long way for most people. Whether you prefer adult diapers or other products, the new scheme offers you the flexibility to choose whichever product is right for you.


In order to qualify for the CAPS scheme, you must be at least five years of age. You must suffer from permanent or severe urinary and/or faecal incontinence. Your incontinence must be caused either by a qualified neurological disorder or another eligible condition. Also, the incontinence must be verified by a health professional. Once approved, you will receive your funds through a direct deposit to your bank account. You may then use those funds to purchase the incontinence products of your choice, allowing you a lot more flexibility and a larger range of options.

Effective Date    

The effective date for the new CAPS scheme is 1 July 2010. Until that point, the CAAS scheme will continue to be in effect. Those who have already been approved for the CAAS scheme will be automatically eligible for the CAPS scheme. Those who have not been approved for the CAAS scheme will have to demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements. Going forward, the CAPS scheme will be the effective program and the CAAS scheme will no longer be in operation.

Benefits of the Scheme

If you suffer from incontinence that severely and negatively impacts the quality of your life, leaving the home may be an ordeal for you. Incontinence products can help you regain your mobility and your freedom to a considerable degree. However, the process of running around to obtain those products can be cumbersome and tiring. Under the new CAPS scheme, it is hoped that patients will enjoy a more convenient way to obtain their incontinence products. The scheme's ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of those who suffer from severe or permanent incontinence, and to lift some of the financial burden for purchasing products from their shoulders at the same time.

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